An Emotional plea


Dear sorrow,

I’m glad your gone, but you left something behind. Could you please come and get it?

Doesn’t it belong to you? I watched you walk in here and place it in my heart-shaped box.

You thought I couldn’t see you, you thought no one could.

It took me a while to realize that I should have said something right away. I should have told everyone and pointed my finger at you. I should have taken that moment. But instead I watched and wondered.

So I will try not to blame you, but I will once again ask you to come take what you left. I insist. no one else knows where you left it, or what it looks like.

But this time I wont be the only one who sees. I wont be the only one who  can see what you left inside me.

I no longer carry it deep inside though, I coaxed it out and now wear it  marked my face.  I pulled it over me like a heavy sweater. I wear the scars on my wrists as if they are bangles and bracelets to dangle in your face.

So when are are you coming back sorrow? Because I know you will. And I am ready now. I’ve dropped the shackles. The only thing that can be taken from me now is this feeling you gave me. I will not have it anymore and it belongs to you.

I will remember you sorrow. I will not forget you. And for now, I will not forgive you. Being with you has taught me the  opposite of love.

So thank you for the lesson. It was well taught, and you have set a fine example. But please don’t forget; I need you to come and pick up what you left.

On your way back I would watch your step. The path to get where I am now is treacherous and I don’t think you have what it takes. And there will be no helpful hands  in my neck of the woods for you.

I came home sorrow. And here you can not get to me. You can no longer feed the beast I have within me, and you will be nothing more than a memory. A sad, pathetic joke in my life.

Goodbye sorrow. I regret you, and you are  no longer  a reason in my life to self destruct, not even the reason for why I can hate.


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