Faith restored returned relapsed

I gave up and it happened again. I didnt mean to of course, but it was inevitable.

I know I can be strong and go this course alone, but then I saw you and I gave in again.

I Couldn’t resist. How could I?

I was tired, hurt and hopeless. An empty shell of myself.

I saw you and gave in. I did not put up a fight and didn’t try to justify it.

I gave in and indulged in something so primal and true to my nature that slipping it on was as familiar and comforting as home.

You quiet the voices.

You touch me and teach me to love my scars.

You lift me up.

I gave into you and in doing so I am healed and restored.

I am vibrant and alive.

I thought I gave it up and it was gone forever and would never return.

But it came back with a thundering vengeance and swelled my heart.

I can not hide it now  and I let it show. I want to share it and I beam and bask and shine.


I now swim in your love and bathe in your kindness and patience.

I have love again.

I am love again.

I have relapsed.



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