You’re nothing but a hangover

Something sorrowful has had a hold on me and I can’t shake it  yet

Its still there leaving my eyes dry from tears and my head heavy with rocklike guilt

The taste in my dessert dry mouth is sour and bitter

My father speaks through me when I say you were nothing but a disappointment with bad results

I tried almost every reason in the book to justify allowing you in my life

Now I try every excuse I can think of to make sense of my poor choice

I reached for you and we walked hand in hand down that lonely road of shame

My emotional playground is closed now and will no longer be open to just anyone

This hangover is unforgettable but has taught me my value and the value of others

Although memories are  blurred and forgotten, the feelings still linger on my heart and in my soul

How do I nurse this shaken and spoiled thought festering and making itself home?

I have and will continue to purge you from my thoughts and emotions

I will nurse this hangover with hope, faith and courage

Instead I will now reach for patience, kindness and understanding

You’re nothing more than a memorable hangover

A memory no one wants.



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