Unexpected happy resurrection


Now I am simple, raw, independant and singular. I am on fire and burn unstoppable.
I set flame then stand back satisfied. I am high. Aroused and drunk I form an uncontrollable smirk on my lips as I watch the sky glow with vibrant, red licking flames.
It does not matter if there is darkness now.
Sight is not so important as is the knowledge of an everlasting yearning promised to never dwindle! laughter, joy and gratitude pours over the rims of my eyes, rolling salty and warm down my cheeks. Washing and crashing in heavy waves over my blessed chest and heart.

It is ok if you dont see it. I have giddiness  knowing that this light inside me, this vibration and color that is bursting out of every cell in my body into the airy atmosphere goes unnoticed.  I am not vexed that this religion in me is not visible to the blind and foggy eyes of others.


If I were to ignore this tight blossoming bud inside my heart I would find it delightfully impossible and pointless. I can now easily dance, sing, and pluck the wholesome and fulfilling feelings from my garden and arrange a beautiful bouquet of experience and memories

I know care, cultivate and nurture this green thumb of mine that I have thrusted so far deep into my returned home soil. I  close my eyes now and let the new roots dig deep down to find the ones I severed and left behind. The new downward sprouts grasp and  hold quick to the old and hearty abandoned roots.

They deepen, soaking and reaping the maternal, unconditional land of its sustenance and vitality.
I open my eyes replanted. refocused and resurrected.



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