Please know this


I need to tell you something

you need to know that I love you

Honestly. I love you simply and honestly

my love for you is pure and clean

If I die tonight please just simply know that you were truly loved at least once

by me

If I fall asleep tonight and dream of others in far off lands that don’t exist yet..;

please know that the heart beating in my chest beats only for you

I carry you with me

please know that every single time I kiss you goodbye, it is always with hope nothing bad will happen to you

I kiss you goodbye with silent prayers on my lips to keep you safe. To keep you healthy, to keep you happy

Know that I truly and intensely love you so much so that it is beyond my control

please know that I dont need you to complete me

please know that what I do need is to  love your soul until the neverending earth, unconditionally and with full unapologetic force

If I am denied this, please know that

I can not stop and may wither

I will be confused, emotional and irrational

please know that I will always have love for you. That with each day it becomes more solid and hard to look past

please know that I will always desire who and what you are

I will always look into you with a constant neverending affection that slips over the rims

please know that this love is not meant to put on pressure but to assure you

please know that if you ever feel hate for me, if you should ever falter as many do

that it won’t matter

I will always love you

this you must know

please know that when you touch and  hold me, each and  every time my cells react

your skin on mine feeds a hunger that never quells

your essence and being has seeped into the  cracks and solidified this soul

more importantly, please know this

know that I love you. This will always be true. Always.


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