Howl with me

You hear the sound,  you hear me and turn to look and see. You look upon my approach and gaze upon these new and deeply set in  wounds of mine. They look familiar to you dont they?

You reluctantly watch as I proudly lick at the scars just starting to show their new and everlasting form. I look back and can see it bothers you. Yet it’s hard for you to look away and I wonder why?

Perhaps you have wounds that are the same, perhaps what is so glaringly beautiful and disastrous as these pink ribbon scars slashed onto me; cause the ones inside yourself to fray and open.a039bb6ff73899b6c041f13c683ba295

You do know the moon shining on my wounds is the same that illuminates yours. You still try to hide them but you see them shine don’t you? We reflect the same pain, the same need and longing for retribution.

For too long I wandered these dark and gloomy forests without my pack.  My fur has grown thick and my bite is deep. I have the strength of two hundred  fifty packs.

And  now we have found each other.  Alone we are strong,  but you and I, we can grow and call forth the other shining and lonesome creatures that seek summation and belonging.

Do you see the prints in the mud that my heavy and firm paws left behind?

Do you dare step in them and follow? Will  you trample the underbrush beneath your feet along side me and grin as the debris whips your face?

Will you howl with me? Will you sneer and snap your white flash of sharp fangs when the predator draws near?a4d2d7d9799f3566bd9a593389a0b646

Can you hear me now? Will you howl with me?

I howl from the pain, I howl from the anger, I howl from the longing and despair

I howl for hope, love and acceptance

I howl for an answer, I howl for an echo worth following

We can run together you and I side by side

At times we may seperate but I will always know

I will always know that you are there too

Howling at the same stars under the same moon

Join and follow my pack, for I now charge forward and lead, stedfast, chasing  echos of howls from the others before you and I.

Will you howl with me?af4046009fbba26626c7cf57ba279f56


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