BiTcH with a Bone

This journey makes me weary carrying your forced and ignored burdens

I pace circle,  retracing the steps worn so well into the ground

Yet I do not cry wolf in a town such as this

Cause you say I’m just  a bitch with a bone to pick

They are easily found and in endless supply in the closet you keep

Heavy rancid warm meat memories clung to solid white structure

Deep with red veins on my lips

I clench deep and down through it

Hot searing between my teeth  it sputters

As I laugh yip and howl

I spit one out only to turn back and sniff out another

Dropping the heavy mass in the well built pile

I do not cry wolf without the just cause

Cause I’m a bitch with a bone

with a quick reaction and tightly snapped jaws

I do not cry wolf and you may want to start seeing

That now a member of my pack,  I will show the way

for the next bitch with your bones  turned into a stray



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