GoDs EyeS


She has god’s eyes now

They are heavy to hold

In a small and delicate frame there they keep

Seeing the weight of the world

Trying to understand what it all means

There is no veil now

No glitter or shimmer to distract

Just the raw images

And what they are

All truth and fact

Gods eyes can see hate

And they see the greed

They see the lonely dark days

A garden full of weeds

Use god’s eyes to look outward

Use your stronger inner eye to see

The clean beauty that you are

What you can bring to this world after the cruelty you’ve seen


With god’s eyes you feel you are someone you’re not

You are not alone to bear this burden

For others have them too

Gods eyes are really just ONE pair shared

By others

Me and you

Gods eyes are eternal, now with you must be kept

Fearful, sad or happy tears all

Cause cheeks to wet

Its up to you what is allowed to shine in

Choose only what you want to reflect

In pure truth god’s eyes are immense and overwhelming

Imagine if all  you saw was the white light

The sun in your eyes

Hate turned around

Shut from your vision

Pure joy from the vicious plight

Close your lids now heavy. Open with love, new curtain calls

Feel all the emotions, Be rest assured

If you feel  you are to fall

Remember god’s eyes are always within you

They are within us all



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