cRy of the sHeWoLF


For every laughing boy there are ten more  honorable noble men

With a deeper understanding of life and survival

A holy and well groomed member of the pack

Wiser and well seasoned

An alpha to the omega

For every hateful, spiteful, and ill intended  rabid beast

For each  confused destructive and pathetic little pup there is a village

A tribe of summoned protective masculine strength that only real men possess

For every yelp and unwanted bark

He belts an up rising defensive roar


They don’t pass you in the herd they

Stay steady protecting your side with you as you thump forward warning the ground hard with heavy paws

For every vain gaze and sharp nasty lip

The leader of his pack stares back

Laps at the sweat dripping off his red hearty tongue

Licking the hot skin of the shewolf he seared ablaze within 5368abb84a09725ad16d0acd3cc4cbef

He is naughty for the right reasons

With perfect timing in all the right places

Through my deep silky coat grown thick with hate does he run his god willing strong and steady finger



With loyalty and respect does this tenderstrong pack lovingly lay their intentions

For they too can pace back and feel the shared pain

They reflect steadfast

Watching as a newborn to the light gains back her strength

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