RetUrN to SeNdeR


The acid stamp on the emotional blackmail you claim was by your own venomous tongue licked

Up on your imaginary high horse in your toxic saddle you slip

Your name dropping doesn’t matter when the names are unaware of the words you sling

I do not read your letter instead

Its time I return the this bitch  back to sender

I get ready for what the future brings

You look upon my avenging  stare back

You teeter and totter

Blinded by my  honest words

You see no soft landing and ponder

Did you not notice I am fearless?

Did you look past my  glow?

Did you not see that I am an ever building statue

 Loyal, tall, strong and true?

We could have ignited  each others  path

You could have seen the sparkle in my eyes and how easy I can dazzle

We could have held hands and maneuver, sidestep  the obstacles

Instead you illuminate  your weak and feeble attempts

Fake self worth and confidence

Insecurities are only strong when used against

I have thickened the armour required

Some wise words must be dispensed5c4245d5daed22c4c65ca09fb30da840

Take the hints, take the unsaid words

Take the times you didn’t think it was fair

Take the name calling, the teardrops and the jealous stares

Take them all with you

Let them sink in

I return this bitch back to sender

With all the best intentions

I dont give up but protect and resolve

I will no longer pay mind or give attention

I dont care if the address is unknown

I will be the mailer daemon

I return this bitch back to sender

With no fear or hesitations



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