WaRniNg of the BoYcHILd


He says

You’re beautiful

You’re different

You deserve it

You’re perfect

Your protected

Your loved

I will. I vow. I do

You’re  a  junkie cunt

You’re a crazy stupid cheating bitch

Poor excuse for a daughter

You deserve it


Drunk trash

Piece of shit


When the well intended warning bell tolls this imposter convinces

A girl falls for the traps and  the bait is set

Prepare to stand up for yourself

You will be isolated, either in mind or heart

The the  well deserved hate for him will soon settle in and  rest

The boy child

Only knows how to wipe tears with mommy’s money clung apron strings

Showers you with flowers, jewelry and dinners out

Buys you hard to find gifts and shares “private” secrets

Easily he plants colorful seeds where you had any doubts

It will glow somehow

The fine dark truth  lined around the ugly pictures become fuzzy

The harsh words and yelling  drowned out

By register bells and glistening counter tops

This self serving whimpering runt

Always avoiding self realization

No responsibility for hurt feelings

Control allowance creeps in then adds up

Guilt ridden when well caused behavior returns the ill gotten gifts

For having the feelings HE caused you to have


Don’t make a mistake

Write out your vows after a deep, long and steady line is drawn

Everything has a price

Everything has a cost

This boy child makes sure

You’re the one to get stuck with the bill

Not just monetary but

Soulless he will leave you bankrupt

Draining you of your health, your love, goodwill and self respect

The boy child is one track minded

He is  pathetically angry and sick

The boy child is dickless

A true son of a bitch



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