Kate Schimkes GOFUNDME


 Since traumatic events in my life have passed I am now at a stable and healthy point in my life where I can focus on what I need most and ask people for help. And I cant say this enough. I NEED THIS.
Much GRATITUDE and LoVe for your DoNaTiOnS. Help show your support by SHARING my GOFUNDME and my story with others. xoxoxo

I am a writer, speaker,  musician and performer living in New england. I am also a recovered alcoholic. I am also a rape and abuse survivor.  I use my traumatic story to help spread awareness of domestic violence and abuse. I find it difficult to perform and speak in front of crowds with confidence. My lack of teeth hold me back.  I am in constant fear and worry that my temporary denture will fall out during a musical performance, an inspring speech or during an emotional moment.
Most adults my age have a total of 32 teeth.
I currently have a total of 9 teeth. 6 of those teeth are on the front bottom section of my mouth.  I have only 3 on the upper right side. I currently maintain my fake smile with a “flipper”,  a temporary denture meant to be worn for a limited time. It falls out unexpectedly. I change the denture cream in my mouth at least four times a day in order to eat and talk comfortably.
I hope to raise enough funds to finance  the first stages of my much needed dental surgeries.  The funds will be used to pay for all dental fees and maintance needed to obtain and sustain better dental health.
My goal is have the finances for this first phase of surgeries by the end of the summer of 2016
I hope to give back and to continue my pursuits in music, writing and performance art to set an example for those who have also gone through hard times in life. I hope to inspire others with my story of abuse, addiction and recovery. I hope to do that all with a healthy smile on my face.

Katherine Schimkes GOFUNDME


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